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The New A Rated Window
You’ve probably heard that the amount of energy we waste in our homes is directly linked to climate change. You’ll definitely have noticed the ever increasing cost of energy for heating your home. But did you know that the type of windows you have installed  can help your home be more energy efficient.  Orchid Installations can offer a range of windows to suit all your energy rating needs.

Vertical Slider – Classic Style Modern Design
Designed to mirror the original timber windows in every important detail it provides an exact replacement in the vast majority of cases. And, because it is manufactured from high grade PVC-U this high quality Vertical Sliding window requires minimum maintenance available in Cherry, Mahogany and White.

Casement Windows – Desirable and Affordable
PVC-U windows are not all the same. The Spectus Elite 70 casement windows lead the field in terms of looks and performance, and is arguably the most secure, thermally efficient and the best looking casement window available. Available in Rosewood,. Cherry and White.

Tilt B4 Turn – Designed for modern life
Our tilt b4 turn window has a unique dual opening action. In the tilt position the window provides excellent ventilation be letting warm air flow out through the top and cool air is feed back through the sides. In the turn position, the window opens a full 90 degrees inwards, making it ideal for cleaning and unrestricted emergency escape. Available in Rosewood, Cherry and White.

Double Doors – Stylish, Practical, Secure
Available for both internal and external applications, our superior quality double doors offer a choice of either inward or outward opening. Based on a conventional residential door style, but more robust that the traditional patio door, they make an ideal choice to create a dramatic yet secure entrance. Available in Rosewood, Cherry and White.

Residential Doors – Your Choice, Your Style
Offering almost unlimited opportunities to personalise, our doors are offered in the widest possible combination of styles, sizes and finishes. Every door is built to take the hard knocks, so it will look as good in years to come as the day it was fitted. Available in Rosewood, Cherry and White.

Conservatories – More space to enjoy
A new conservatory represents a considerable investment, so it is important to get it right. All our conservatories are tailor made and the choice of shapes, styles and accessories means all tastes can be catered for. And because product selection is paramount, durability comes as standard.

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